Astridetal (astridetal) wrote in addme_disabled,

Returning to LJ and looking for friends

I was on LJ previously in like 2006, but left and only returned a few days ago. I am trying to expand my circle of friends, so thought I'd introduce myself here and see if anyone wants to connect.

I am 25-years-old and live in the Netherlands. My disabilities are blindness, autism, and mental health conditions (dissociative identity disorder and PTSD). I also have hydrocephalus, but that is completely asymptomatic right now and has been for over twenty years.

I reside in a mental institution long-term and study psychology at Open University (distance learning). My hobbies include writing, surfing the Internet and reading non-fiction. My journal is mostly about my life with mental health problems, but other stuff will be covered too. Most of my entries are friends-locked, but I have a very liberal friending policy. Basically, I add anyone who friends me except if you're a troll or a spammer. So I hope to get to know more people.
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